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Useful BBQ Smoker Accessories and Gadgets for Outdoor Cooking [2018]

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Grilling is not a thing if you want to over-complicate it with so many grill and BBQ smoker accessories or gadgets, but some BBQ smoker accessories can sometimes make grilling easier and more enjoyable. Here are a few must have grill and smoker accessories and gadgets to consider if you are looking towards expanding your BBQ gear beyond the basics:

Useful Smoker Accessories and Gadgets

1. Barbeque Dragon

barbrque dragon

The BBQ Dragon is a must have smoker accessory to save your precious time. High-powered cooling fan that’s attached to a clamp by a gooseneck. Its creators claim it will help you with the time-consuming task of lighting a charcoal fire. The Dragon recharges via USB port, meaning you can make use of the household chargers you probably already own. The fan has a multi-level speed control, so you can use it to light other fires. But the big sell point for this item is that it supposedly can light a charcoal barbecue in under 10 minutes. A traditional charcoal chimney starter is pretty speedy, but doesn’t have the cool little tricks and applications of BBQ Dragon thereby making BBQ Dragon an essential must have BBQ smoker accessory.


2. Fire wire – Grilling skewer

Fire wire is another must have smoker accessory which is a classic grilling go-to, however traditional skewers can be rather hard to work with, especially on a full grill. These flexible skewers allow you to easily adjust the arrangement to more easily fit around or between your other foods.



3. Grill Daddy Pro Grill Brush

Grill Daddy Pro Grill BrushThe Grill Daddy Pro is designed to clean the surface of your grill with the power of steam. You simply fill the Grill Daddy with water, then fire up your grill. As you run the Grill Daddy across the BBQ grates it will release a measured amount of water that turns to grease-melting steam the instant it touches your preheated grill. The patented Grill Daddy is a must have smoker accessory and gadget made from high temperature, heat resistant ABS plastic and the brush heads are dishwasher-safe and safe to use on stainless steel, ceramic and iron grills.

4. Cast Iron Smoker Box

Cast Iron smoker boxCooking your food over an open flame generally imparts a little bit of smoky flavor into it, but if you want more of that delicious smokiness, you need to get yourself a smoker box. You fill this sucker with dampened wood chips and toss it on the grill and after a while, it will begin to fill your grill hood with smoke. It is not quite as good as putting your meat in a full-on smoker, but it is a good and cheap substitute must have smoker accessory and gadget.

5. Uuni 3 Portable Wood Pellet Pizza Oven

Uuni 3 Portable Wood Pellet Pizza OvenYou can always cook a pizza by throwing one right on the grill, but if you really want to step things up you’ll need a separate pizza oven to complement your BBQ. That can quickly turn into an expensive proposition but a fairly affordable one with high marks from Serious Eats can be gotten, which found it to be compact and portable but still able to deliver the high temperatures needed for great wood-fired pizzas. That is done with wood pellets, which require a bit more practice and work than a gas-powered oven, but the results aren’t likely to disappoint anyone.

6. Grill Bot

Grill BotNobody likes to clean all that charred gunk off the grill. So it was probably inevitable that someone would build a robot to do it for you. A grill-cleaning robot is a good must have smoker accessory and gadget that does the messy, post-grill cleanup, Grillbot has three replaceable wire brushes and three motors under a shiny hood. Controlled by a CPU chip and sensors, the unit is completely autonomous and runs on rechargeable batteries. Grillbot also has a timer and an alarm so you can set it up post-grill and run it for as long as you need without having to keep an eye on it and the alarm will let you know when it is finished or if the unit is overheating, though you need to keep the grill lid closed so the bot doesn’t plummet off the edge. The brushes can even be popped out and cleaned in your dishwasher.

7. Heat Resistant Barbeque Gloves

Heat Resistant Barbeque GlovesYour primary goal when you are able to create a delicious smoked meat. A good secondary goal is to avoid burning your beautiful hands which then makes the glove a must have smoker accessory and gadget. There is a high tendency what you get hot sparks on your bare hands when you do not make use of a glove to protect your hands and therefore,  the use of the glove cannot be overemphasized whenever you are handling charcoal. Gloves are also useful for turning food without damaging the bark you work so hard to achieve.

8. Cuisinart Grilluminate Expanding LED Grill Light

Cuisinart Grilluminate Expanding LED Grill LightYou regularly find yourself needing to keep an eye on some late night burgers? Consider adding something like this purpose built grill light from Cuisinart instead of fumbling with a flashlight. It will easily attach to most grill handles and packs nine LEDs in an expandable design to illuminate your entire grill. You should however note that Cuisinart Grilluminate Expanding LED Grill Light is not waterproof, so you will want to make sure you keep it covered or bring it inside when you’re finished.

9. The Great Scrape Woody Paddle

The Great Scrape Woody PaddleThere’s however no shortage of tools and gadgets that promise to make quick work of a messy grill, but one you may not have considered is one of the simplest. The Great Scrape’s Woody Paddle is just a wooden paddle which is a must have smoker accessory and gadget. The trick is to first use it on high heat to form grooves that match your grill. From then on you’ll have a scraper perfectly tailored to your grill and no worry about wire bristles being left behind after cleaning.


10. Thermometer

Weber's iGrill 2 ThermometerThermometer is one of the smoker accessories you will definitely appreaciate for indoor or outdoor cooking, but choosing one isn’t quite as easy decision. Weber’s iGrill 2 is a bit on the pricey side, but worth considering if you’re looking for the most convenient way to keep an eye on the cooking temperature at all times. It comes with two temperature probes (and supports up to four) that you can easily monitor with the accompanying smartphone app, which includes a range of temperature presets for various dishes and the ability to customize your own.

11. Gaswatch Bluetooth Propane Level Indicator

Gaswatch Bluetooth Propane Level IndicatorOne of the most underrated smoker accessories should be gaswatch bluetooth propane level indicator. If you have a gas grill, chances are you’ve run out of propane at an inopportune moment at least once or twice. While the best solution is to always keep a spare tank on hand, this must have smoker accessory and gadget can still come in handy and save you some headaches. This works by adding bluetooth connectivity that will let you check the propane level from your smartphone and sound an alarm when it is too low.


Useful BBQ Smoker Accessories and Gadgets for Outdoor Cooking [2018]
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Useful BBQ Smoker Accessories and Gadgets for Outdoor Cooking [2018]
Best BBQ smoker accessories that will make grilling and smoking meat much easier and more enjoyable. But remember not to over-complicate the grilling process with too many accessories. Take a look inside...
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