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5 Unique Tips For Decorating Backyard Kitchen

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As home design gets more outrageous by the day, most people want in on this madness. Whether you’re decorating for one or decorating for 50, the end goal is one and the same: Impress.

An outdoor kitchen is considered a luxury to some homeowners who are calibers in entertaining; and designing one is a privilege and at the same time, a challenge that one can take head-on. You know that notion, “Dress to impress”? Well, in outdoor kitchen decoration, it’s “Design to redefine!”

You want to hear the “oooohhhs” and the “aaaahhhs” from fascinated guests. You want to be titled “the best outdoor kitchen in the whole neighborhood”, and have every neighbor drooling over that selected invite for your annual birthday celebration. Sounds good, doesn’t it? Well, all these could be happening right in your own backyard kitchen!

In the midst of the mundane majority, your outdoor kitchen can be a horse of a different color and stand out among the mediocre outdoor kitchens. How? Here are the top 5 unique backyard kitchen ideas that will definitely make your guests come back for more…parties.

1. Automate Everything

It’s 2018 and everyone is expecting a touch of state-of-the-art technology in home decorations. Also, if you’re into hosting parties, and think that your guests can’t have the technological convenience in their own household then, give it to them through your backyard kitchen!                              

If money is not an issue (presumably), invest in the most cutting-edge kitchen equipment there is! One thing that left me open-mouthed when I read about it in a lifestyle magazine is a wireless kitchen! Can you imagine not having those wires haphazardly displayed on the walls or behind the counters? What a dream!

Enter magnetic-coil-powered countertops. These countertops are as high-tech as it can be! They work by coupling with another coil in the appliance or gadget. Want to charge your phone while cooking? Put it on your countertop and voila; you don’t even need to reach for your cord! And there’s more where that came from, you can also install motion-sensor faucets or device-controlled lighting. So when you’re busy being the limelight of the party, all you have to do is dim the lights for a more dramatic effect through a few taps of your fingers!

2. Brick Pizza Ovens Never Fail

Brick Pizza Oven

Aside from the fact that they give you a gazillion benefits when cooking (or making pizza), a brick pizza oven will surely leave your guests awe-stricken! I mean how often can you find outdoor kitchens with a traditional brick oven? Slim to none!

You’ve got several designs to choose from like stainless steel, stone, brick, stucco or modernized brick ovens. They don’t only give your outdoor kitchen a ‘wow factor’ and gives your pizza a unique flavor and better crust, but they are also very efficient and economical. They cook fast and give your food a delicious, smoky flavor!

3. Fire Pits Take Your Outdoor Kitchen to Another Level

Fire Pit

Imagine yourself entertaining a crowd of 100, everyone doing their thing, enjoying with drinks in hand, and your fire pit blazing brightly and calmly in the midst of a rip-roaring party. It’s times like this when you feel you deserve a pat on the back for a job well done!

A fire pit is a great addition to that “design to redefine” factor, it serves as a focal point in your outdoor kitchen and it’s also suitable for all seasons! When the time comes and you need to let go of your beautiful home, a fire pit can definitely add more value to it. All right, but going back to the party, you can have games around your fire pit, or s’more parties, or just simply amaze guests because of the cozy element that it brings.

Fire pits can run on wood, natural gas, or propane and you’ll also have the frill of choosing what fits your lifestyle. If you can’t decide, then there are a lot of outdoor kitchen contractors which would be happy to help you.

4. Tiki Huts and Bars for A Beach Feel

A tiki hut or bar (thatched roof) is an excellent way to offer a bit of paradise to every guest. If you’re a beach bum like me, you’ll absolutely love showing off this impressive bar design to the entire neighborhood.

It’s not only a great place for drinking but a mini or full-on tiki bar is also another dining area alternative where you can chitchat with friends or learn a cooking tip or two from the chef! And it also gives you a vantage point of the whole outdoor kitchen area, so you can keep an eye on everyone…or someone, perhaps?

5. Built-in Coolers Are Cool

There is no better way to turn up a party than to offer guests flowing alcoholic beverages and the best way to serve them is to flaunt a really amazing built-in cooler that lights up every time you or your guest opens it and grabs a cold one (almost makes you want to drink fast!).

A built-in cooler also provides easy access and convenience to any type of drinks (alcoholic or non-alcoholic). Also, if you install your cooler in sinks or prep stations, it’s a really great space-saving strategy too!

If you really want a lit party, why not bring the cooler in the table – literally. You can create a unique cooler in the middle of the table, it can be as simple as creating a huge hollow storage that resembles a cooler in the center of the table, throw in some ice, some bottles of Heineken, and your party will be slamming!

There are countless possibilities on how you can customize your outdoor kitchen and there really isn’t a rule of thumb on how to go about the arrangement. However, it does help to consult outdoor kitchen contractors to make sure things go like clockwork. But the best advice is to not conform with the latest trends and always put your personality into it, so you can let your outdoor kitchen speak for you.


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